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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hello efrp. i'm vic carter. >> we begin tonight with some breaking news >> a possible terrorist threat just days before the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. they are >> we want the public to exercise a little more individual lens and if they see something, say something. that gives us the ability to stop things. hopefully this turns out this is not anything. i can tell you that ourer ceremonys
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will go on over the weekend >> this threat raised red flags for homeland security rm . it's involving three people, includeening ing one u.s. citizen. it is the first tip of an active plot. didn't for the first time new add owe recordings are released from the four hijacked planes. >> for more than 30 minutes the jet liner flew below the radar. a private pilot flying near the capital catched as flight 77 hit itself har get. >> it looks like that aircraft has impacted the west side of the pentagon >> in the cay owe controllers had no idea how many other hijacked planes for in the air. it was clear there was at least one more. it was the voice of the hijacker
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who was trying to talk to the passengers on united 93. flight 93 soon crashed into a pennsylvania field. the 000 0002attack was over. in one government command center, two technicians tried to put the day into some kind of context >> september 11th, 2001. >> the confusion that day went on for hours with fighter jets never getting clear orders. the pentagon says that has changed and now coordination between the faa and military has greatly improved d the other major threat to the east coast is flooding. water levels already high. could get even higher in the next day. some schools are closed tomorrow. they will be running at the bottom of your
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screen. the water spills into rest aurants and homes. you can see it's blocked off the road way there. cay jackson reports now. first let's go live to meghan for the dangerous conditions for people. >> reporter: the river is supposed to reach itself peak on saturday morning. people living along the water are told to get out now. the swell own river swollen river sexualing swallows now. >> at this point it's not clear how much higher the water will rise as a result. >> reporter: it's the first time that's been done since hurricane ago news in 1972. >> they've opened 20 gaits.
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0003>> the water waist deep near the river. water waist deep near a mandatory evacuation was ordered at 8 o'clock. the ones that didn't leave, they're on their own >> we're not going to risk our evacuators. >> re recrewers fulled pulled an elderly plan out of waters. they evacuate it had nursing home. police are going door to door warning people >> i had no idea it was mandatory evacuation. i'm going to have to get my act together and figure something out >> reporter: the river already so high. this ramp usually goes down on this floating doc >> this may be one of the largest masss of water to come down >> reporter: despite that, some people aren't living >> it's not going to go 10 feet >> reporter: everyone praying he's right. 43 of those
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flood gates are opened now. officials say they don't know how high the water will rise thank you very much. our weather coverage now with cay jackson. >> much of the water around the area has reseeded, but there's a great deal of damage left behind. >> the baltimore region is nursing its wounds after this widespread damage. this shows where it flooded these vehicles 0004>> it's a mess >> water washed out roads around the area. some drivers took a risk an paid the price. rescueers had their hand full >> had i been standing in this very spot yesterday during the down power i would have been swept away. that's just how deep it was. the water is reseeded. what's left behind is devastating for some.
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>> mud covers this floor of this cafe. he he has he says his business is ruined. water is so powerful it weakened this wall that fell on these cars >> reporter: we're finding out tonight that police -- a pass dee that man died. police were called and say that a 49 man died, apparent victim of a drowning. police are still investigating this incident >> thank you. here we are tracking the weather >> the rain area has been shrinking tonight. there's still heavy rain around the washington area with we saw a lot of flooding. it is moving still. around the city not all that heavy. around the washington area, that's
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where we're seeing moderate to some heavy rain still and even futer south. a really heavy ban south of maryland into virginia. that's moving to the north. there's still a risk of more heavy shower activity over night. there are warnings in effect particularly across 0005southern maryland. for the rios of the region, floold flood warning in e if he can. effect. as far as the rainfall amounts, it's hard to pin that down. in general, less than an inch on the eastern shore. some spots were picking up as much as 9 or 10 in central maryland. denise thank. up and down the atlantic the floods are forcing 100, 000 people to flee.
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a z dozen people were fulled to safety. flood waters are rushed fast in new jersey all the way up to new york. heavy rain is pushing waterways to their limits. we invite you to stay with us to closings and delays. go to wj million s of unemployed americans listened to president obama tonight for the job plan. he calls on congress to create jobs and turn the down committee around >> president obama told a joint session of congress and the nation it's time to get america back to work. >> there are steps we can take
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right now to improve people's lives >> the president out lined a nearly 450 billion dollar plan to extend the tax cut for workers, expand jobless beb fits and give tax breaks to employers >> it will provide a jolt to companys. if they invest and hire there will be customers for their products. >> he's pushing for an aid package for states to hire 0006teachers an first responders >> here's another thing i want to american people to know, the american jobs act will not add to the deaf ficit, it will be paid for >> president obama's plan will require approval. he had a message for republicans >> members of congress it is time for us to meet our responsibilitys >> some jop lawmakers say even if they did not agree with his approach they support his ideas. democrats say they you preshuate the president taking a firm stand >> it was bold, practical and i think he has placed congress and the republicans in
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a very interesting position. >> the president will head to richmond virginia friday to rally people for his plans >> the president is planning to release his deficit reduction plan monday to cover the cost of his job spill a crane collapses at the cathedral tonight. two workers were hurt. the crane crashed into several church buildings. it has forced the commemoration to be moved the ship steams into baltimore. the comfort is back in pier. it covered hshged haitshgsi. the people on board are happy to be home 0007>> we salute them. coming up, security breach
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at dallas airports. you won't believe what they found deadly drive through, what killed a woman at a tennessee mechanic don't aldz an made them sick >> 160, 000 people came downtown. was the grand prix of baltimore a success >> will we have sun for the weekend? i'm bob, your forecast coming up next. [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy
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it is 72 degrees with some diz l and light rain. the complete weather is coming up. >> firefighters in central texas just starting to make progress. 1400 homes have been destroyed across 45 acres. crews will use a jet liner to drop water over the blaze tomorrow an 81-year-old woman in georgia dies after being sickened by fumes in mcdonalds. investigators suspect cleaning chemicals are to blame but they're waiting for autopsy results. the restaurant did reopen after
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has-mat termed the fumes were no longer present >> people will be spending the night in the dark due to a power outage. it shut down san diego airport. 2 million people are e e e reflected. >> last month's east coast earthquake shook a nubbing lar plant with more force than it was designed to stand. the nuclear regulatory commission says the ground 0008movement was two the level the plant was built to endure. there was no serious damage from the earthquake. the plant has remained close since the earthquake. they ordered all plans to update their earthquake risk analysis a plan traveling from el salvador was arrested at the airport for smuggling
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cocaine inside clams. the clams were packed inside the man's luggage. they say 5 ounces was discovered during a secondary inspection. the cocaine has a street value of $10,000 the city of baltimore spent 6 million dollars to get ready for the grand prix. the people say it's worth every penny. >> reporter: well it sound like angry hornets, the dream is a reality. >> others heard the sound of success. >> it was absolutely intense. with worldwide audience: audience: audience, the city looked good on tv. a race organizer flew to paris the next day. baltimore dominated the meeting >> it was a remarkable event >> 160, 00 00 attended.
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hotel business was up 44 percent >> are the hotels happy this morning when you hear the hilton is up 250 percent, i think projections were met. >> on the downside, traffic was bad on thursday and friday. nay sayers told the major this race would fail. 0009right before a primary it was suggested to her this race was too risky >> i would gamble for the opportunity to hear this. this is people all over the world who are talking about baltimore in a way that makes us all proud. >> the city is crunching the final numbers now. they won't release those for a couple of week s to determine if it was a financial success. back to you on tv hill. >> while the city would like to host the race next year, they have not release it had
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schedule there are the most talked about uniforms in school history. terps plans have a chance to own them. it will be put up for auction. the school says it will begin tomorrow a run through september 19th. proceeds will benefit the athletic department. bidding starts at $200 for the helmet and $200 for the jersey >> i told my son, do not bid on those. let's take a look at the radar. we still have some rain in the region but the heaviest is down to the south. hopefully it will continue to shrink even more tomorrow testimony . there's still flood warnings across southern maryland. these are flood warnings because we still have high rivers and any additional rain is causing more problems tonight. there's some moderate showers around washington.
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that's the heaviest in virginia. let's take a look at 0010temperatures. right now there's still some light rain in the area. we're at 72. 10 oh0 percent humidity. 6 is in í 1 in í oakland. it's been beautiful along the coast. the due point side, we have a lot of moisture mt. air. look at that. it's all the way up the east coast. it's begin beginning to shrink and weaken. that means the am of amount of rain will get less and less. through the weekend it looks like better weather. right now we still have this batch of rain here. the rain today has been shrinking compare today what we saw earlier this week. take a quick look out in the trop you
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cans. katia moving quickly away now. no influence. maria is a tropical storm moving to the west testimony it's . it's not expected to grow strong. it shows it as a tropical storm. we expect that to make a turn. how close it comes to the united states, i can't tell you. it's too far out. nate will probably be a hurricane tomorrow. that's texas right there. there's florida. it flak likes luke looks like it's going too mexico. that drywet ere out there, it's going to take a while to get here. by the weekend we see some more sun. with the afternoon heating, look out for a shower. novrt ,,,,,,,,,,
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saturday. it looks like it's drying finally sunday 0011through tuesday. >> jill and the ravens get ready for the steelers. >> mark has a look at the new offense next on sports. mark is here with the sports report. we have some visitors from pittsburgh. >> that's right. they're welcomed. the steelers are coming to town and it's time for joe to show he's ready to beat them. when he steps on the field on sunday, flaco will look at a new offense. heap has been replaced by a pair of young tied ends. dixon caught just 11 passes his rookie year.
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heap was a favorite. i asked the young guys about stepping in to fill the void. >> i'm excited now. i don't have to at sit back and go in when they need me. i'm the goi now. guy the guy now. we're going to make it happen >> we're not trying to beat heap. he was al great player and someone that was valuable to this team. i think ed and i are different players and we'll both be able to give a lot to this offense and to this team. >> reporter: the game is coming up on suvend you sunday. you can see it at 1 o'clock. an update now on colts quarterback pay ten manning. he will miss the opening sunday. man manning will be out for two to three months.
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he hasn't missed a game in 14 years. baseball now make up game at home for the o's. they battle back here in the 8th 0012inning with robert with a base hit. davis scored. it goes the extra inning where endino does it again. there's your game winner. 5 to 4, o's with their second win. they treat it like a play off. there hadn't hasn't been a lot of joy here. coming up, a new way to recycle. >> it's the world's longest ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there was one noisy nail gait before tonight's game in agree bay. that's because 66, 000 cans were strung together and towed behind a fan's motor home. after tonight's game the cans will be recycled with all the proceeds going to a local food bank. >> while most of baltimore will be dress inneded in re venns gear for the first purple friday. life magazine is being people to get out their blue genes and black t-shirts in honor of apples cofounder. you could end up in the magazine's next issue >> simple life, simple man, very
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